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Tips for Christmas Event Photography

Memories of any event in our lives need preservation. Though our brain is perfectly capable enough to save those memorable events, but this is also the truth that pictures give you a chance to see from a different person’s eyes. What you may have missed, a photographer might have not. And let us be fair, during a party you can’t be everywhere at the one time. A party is a happening point and everywhere something is happening that’s worth enjoying. People with smiles, laughter, cracking jokes and remembering old times with a grin, is what makes a party memorable. What better way to remember than to cover the whole event with photography for times to come.

It does not take a certified professional to bring the edge to your photos. It is the things that he keeps in mind while taking a shot that makes him professional and giving better result. The key to a good photography is the eye of the photographer. Everybody is and can be a photographer, what makes one different from other is the way he looks at things.

Here are few tips to give your photography the edge it may need:
  • Survey the area where party is going to be held.
  • Make mental notes of the important places to cover and their angles.
  • Make arrangement for an elevated place if you think it will get you better result and more points to cover. The bird eye view can bring remarkable result of candid shots. Keep in mind to keep the Christmas decorations in the background. 
  • Concentrate more on candid shots as they surprise even the people in the photo. 
  • When taking a photo of a small group, don’t shoot from the dead centre. Trying taking a step or two at a side and then have a go. You will be amazed by what u see.
  • Since shooting with a digital camera doesn’t cost more if you shoot more, shoot as many times as you think appropriate. 
  • Keep use of the flash to minimum. The photos without flash keep it more realistic. 
  • Use the Dutch Angle technique to bring wonders to your photo. What you need to do for this is keep the subject at level and tilt the camera according to back ground. This helps is adding more importance to the subject. 
  • Using props brings a lot of fun to the party and photography. The result is also amazing and worth a photo on canvas in your bedroom wall. You can use a Santa’s cap, funky mustache or Santa’s beard as props. People in party love to pose with props. 
  • Shots taken in action are the best form of photography. Look where the action is like food being served, people dancing and people cracking jokes. Look for the liveliest bunch to cover for this purpose. 
  • ALWAYS shoot in RAW format. Though it is more work for you after the photography when you shortlist the photos but it is worth it. Having the option to adjust your image can bring wonders to the photos. 
  • If you see some shy and photo conscious group, best way to photograph them will be to pick one of them to take the others snap. The surprise and smiles with comfort of the camera in hands of their friend will do the wonders

Written by Scharyar for Sceneries and Memories readers.

Scharyar Aly is a professional content writer. He writes about places to be, event photography and canvas art designs for interior decorations. 

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thanks for the practical tips

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Cute naman ni Vince! Thanks for these tips!

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