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Our Names on the Sand

The Sand And The Sea

Sun-kissed cheeks and bare-footing
Along the rolling shoreline ebbing.
Wavelets frothing swirls of white
Where sand meets the sea.

Standing, breeze lightly blowing,
I look around, I look far and wide.
I look to the sky, to the sand
And the sea.

Beach combing, treasures I do find.
Ghost crabs fast burrowing
Like ghost apparitions disappearing
Not far from the sea.

An infinite variety of shells I seek,
Collecting in my pocket jingling.
Some spread apart like angel wings
Cast forth from the sea.

As I barefoot along the shoreline
Sandpipers run, always fleeing. 
A great blue heron stands stately,
All feeds from the sea.

Looking back from where I came
My footprints left upon the sand.
I breathe in deeply the salt-rich air
Savoring the blue green sea.

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